The finest finishes and materials ensure your custom pool table is perfect.

Styling to match the architecture of your home.

The Art
of the
Pool Table

Dan Joseph Woodworks incorporates design elements from the surrounding architecture to craft custom pool tables that reflect our client's individuality.

When creating your custom pool table, my goal is to create a focal point that tells a story.  We start by meeting on-site to review your tastes and the design of your home.  Incorporating design elements from your home’s architecture such as stair railing details, special woods, or unusual joinery, I create a table that is specific to your home.   I also like to use family motifs, personal memorabilia, and hand worked metals as accents.  To ensure that the table plays as good as it looks, it is built to Billiard Congress of America specifications and features a top quality playing surface.  Your one-of-a-kind pool table will reflect the quality of your home and your life.

Inquire about your custom pool table

Why get a custom pool table:

  • Reflect your individual taste
  • Perfectly fits the style of your home
  • Incorporate personal motifs
  • Quality to match the quality of your custom home
  • Built to BCA standards
  • A statement about your high standards

During the design process, I meet with clients to try to get a sense of the overall look that they would like to see. Quite often design elements will come from elements in the house whether it is stair railing or special joinery.

My goals for your pool table:

  • Create a table that is part of the house
  • Pick wood that complements the home
  • Advising client on wood/ material choices – structurally, aesthetically
  • Materials/design that tell a story about you
  • Goal is create a focal point piece of furniture.